Skill Flux
Skill Flux

Skill Flux

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Feel flux is a brand new and very unique product based on the phenomenon called lenz’s law, designed and manufactured in Hungary.  This physics-based gadget consists of an ultra-strong magnet ball and a conductive metal tube covered in fine leather for an absolute premium feel. When you drop the ball in the cylinder, instead of falling through, it starts to move very slowly, almost floating inside the metal tube without touching its surface. It is the perfect toy for someone who admires timeless design, fine craftsmanship, and of course, the magic of science.

See and feel the beauty of physics while having a unique conversation starter on your desk. You can have flux at your finger tips, ready to please you with an oddly satisfying experience. 

This skill toy that is super fun while being powered by the laws of advanced physics. Perfect for graduation or promotion especially in an engineering, math, or other STEM fields.

High-quality aluminum finish with leather wrap around for a firm grip. A quality product that anyone would be proud to keep on their desk for fidgeting or thinking time.

  • World’s first skill toy based on the unique effect of lenz’s law
  • Stackable design: Combine as many skill flux tubes as you want to create a longer cylinder
  • A perfect item for anyone who likes juggling, yo-yo or kendama
  • Easy to play, hard to master


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