Typhon 550 RTR
Typhon 550 RTR
Typhon 550 RTR
Typhon 550 RTR
Typhon 550 RTR
Typhon 550 RTR
Typhon 550 RTR
Typhon 550 RTR

Typhon 550 RTR

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Experience the fun with the Typhon  550 RTR. This 1/8 scale model car comes ready to go right out of the box.  This fast, rugged, and durable speed buggy is built for any terrain.  Made from precision aluminum, tough steel, composite materials plus a design whose high downforce wing and lower center of gravity, narrow wheels, and tires allows for easy handling over race tracks, trails, muddy courses, skate parks, and anything thing else thrown it's way.  It may be small in size, but is mighty and built for exciting speed!


  • Stronger chassis and retained hinge pin plates
  • Steering with more clearance for stones
  • Castellated slipper pad and sliding gear mesh
  • 23T Spline servo saver
  • Brushless-ready 37T 1.35Mod diffs with silicone O-rings
  • Power Module with sliding gear mesh and improved dirt management
  • Rubber shielded bearings throughout
  • Oil-filled shocks with silicone O-rings
  • New body design, front and rear bumpers, paint, and decals
  • Vented tires
  • MEGA 12T brushed 550 motor
  • IC3™ connectors (EC3™) compatible
  • Signature easy-access modular design
    • Easy-access power module
    • Easy-access electronics module
    • Easy-access diff module removal front and rear
  • Double wishbone suspension front and rear
  • Metal-geared differentials
  • Adjustable ride height & body mounts
  • Extended height dirt defenders
  • Multi-terrain dBoots® 2-HO™ tires
  • ADC-N7 7-cell NiMH wall charger
  • 30MPH (48km/h) speed achievable in optimum driving conditions with optional gearing

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