Make Play Giveaway


Say Thank You and Win!

Prize Packages

Winners get to choose from these awesome packages!

Contest Rules

1. Create (draw/paint/craft/construct) a picture expressing appreciation for Covid front-line heroes (or hero) of your choice such as doctors, nurses, truck drivers, grocery store staff to name a few.

2. Be creative and HAVE FUN!  There are no restrictions!

3. Scan or snap a picture of your creation and send it to

4. You must include the participants full name.

5. Coolest Toys On Earth will post the submissions on social.  The creation that receives the most likes will be the winner.

6. There are no age limitations to enter.

7. Deadline for submissions is August 15th, 2020.


1. Winner will get to choose from our Make Play Giveaway prizes.

2. The winner’s picture and name will be posted at the end of the contest.

3. All participants will receive a free toy at the end of the contest.